Scripture necklace is sweet perspective.

I wonder sometimes if the reason God led me after all these years to design the Honey from Rock necklace is because decades ago I identified with Winnie the Pooh.

Maybe you did, too, or maybe your childhood muse is some entirely different sort. Overstuffed with good intentions as I start my day, I’ll wind up in a jam or two because I allow some good ole honey, or something sweet and tasty, to deter me from better options. Truth is, I conceivably have the entire Hundred Acre Wood gang galumphing around inside of me on any given day. Sometimes I’m the wise and retreating Owl who’d rather sleep. Often, I’m the wiry, hyper, adrenaline-driven Tigger getting on everyone’s last nerve. Other times, I’m nervously shying around behind a less-worried friend, looking for a hand to hold, like Piglet. On good days, I’m there for everyone else, like Christopher, just understanding. On my best days? I’m myself, the way God made me. And so are you.

And do you know why I know that this is so? Because of a broken old sign in a make-believe world that greatly resembles reality. It suggests “Trespassers Will.”

Now Piglet fabricated that “Trespassers Will” was his grandfather’s name, or names, actually…in case he lost one. Being that Piglet was the creative type. Being the less-innocent type, however, we fill in the blanks that Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted.

When I was a child, I stood by that mysterious sign blankly. Wondering what will. I still remember receiving the enlightenment from my mom. It’s one of countless reasons I believe God creates people besides ourselves: to remind each other. My mom explained how “trespassers will” completes itself in unbroken form. She was there to follow up, and ease my terror as I imagined unwitting hikers being persecuted for simply drifting along, kicking pinecones. She was there to explain the difference between walking onto someone’s land, or being deeply sinful in causing someone pain. She assured me…no persecution was imminent on any of my nature-walks. My heart wanders to wonder, though, if the absence of the properly-spelled remainder of that signpost was the author’s intent: to heighten and magnify our perpetual state of confusion over the core purpose of either prosecution or persecution, or how one may lead to another.

Indeed, as much as parents can speak protection over their children, and as much as God can speak His Word over our lives….Trespassers Will. It’s one of the many rocks we come up against in life. On kinder days, it’s one of the many tight places we get stuck in when we go where we might shouldn’t have. Yet His promise remains: “With honey from the rock I would satisfy you” (Psalm 81:16). And as He taught us to pray through those rocky times, we first ask that our very own trespassing be forgiven. In the same way that we forgive those who trespass. Because trespassers like us? We will. And, thank you Jesus, where there’s a will there’s a Way to freedom. Sometimes it’s being stuck in that rock a while, just think, think, thinking on His presence in your life that is the true, sweet honey that satisfies the deepest longing in your soul.

When I discovered a gorgeous essay on this “Honey from Rock” psalm in Warren Wiersbe’s uplifting book The Bumps Are What You Climb On, I fell in love with the concept he unearthed. It’s a perspective as original as Genesis; as tender as childhood:

We get in a fix.
We fix our eyes on the true Rock.
And honey, what a sweet deliverer.

Your friend,

by Lia Martin