About MTG

Savoring what’s true.

Truth speaks, one person at a time…to a world in need. That’s why MTG’s hand-stamped, heartfelt creations are unique expressions of verses that inspire you.

Whether scripture, song, poem or prose, MTG serves to capture and celebrate words of truth. Because your real story is life to those who see God at work in the words you wear.

Made with love, to glorify the One who made you.

Truth is, you can glorify God with the simplest everyday acts (1 Cor. 10:31). Even while putting on your jewelry, you are putting on the new self. When you boldly wear what’s proving true in your life, you offer His power. The promises you long to proclaim help define your purpose in this world.

Most MTG pieces are crafted from strong, anti-tarnish stainless steel…to signify that we are made strong and stainless in Him.

Personalized, imperfect and powerful.

As the owner of MTG, my truest joy is in knowing that each creation is from your heart. Not a bit about my designs or ideas, rather all about the words that speak life to you…MTG is your source for treasuring those moments when you hear a new verse or idea in Bible study and you just have to have it. Or that scripture spoken of at church on Sunday…and now it’s become yours for this season. Or a truth your friend shared with you during a tough time. It may be the most obscure collection of words or a little-known scripture — but it now belongs close to your soul.

Your true stories are treasured here, your pieces prayed over, and your scripture cards custom-written. Each MTG creation is stamped one letter at a time, slowly, so that no two pieces are identical, and no words are in a machine-straight line. It’s MTG’s way of honoring the beauty of apparent imperfections, which are purposed and glorified in the hands of our Creator.

Far from finding every type of jewel or bead, or the widest variety of pre-made creations, you will receive hands and heart committed to commemorating from scratch the power of life within you.

A glorious way to sow and share, in the spirit of our Savior.

Wearing and giving MTG jewelry is a practical and significant way to plant seeds of faith and hope. By choosing Charity Partner pieces, you can also join in giving to ministries committed to sharing Jesus’ love.

Best of all, when you tell someone what your jewelry means…you respond to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19), and become an invitation to life.

It’s what you’re made to do.

With Love,
Lia Martin
Owner, Made to Glorify